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Titled “Finer Than Ever For ’50”. Here they are – all 14 of the superb new Chevrolets for 1950 claims this 1950 Chevrolet ads.

Here are the 1950 Chevrolet Fleetline models, the 1950 Chevrolet Styleline models, and a model entirely new in the low price field .. the beautiful 1950 Chevrolet Bel Air.

The big changes for the 1950 Chevrolet started on January 1, 1949. That’s when the first truly new body styles since World War II for General Motors and Chevrolet were introduced.

The same line up of new Chevy styling initiated in 1949 was again offered in 1950. The brochure claimed that – These new Chevrolets are smarter in styling. Colors are new and more sparkling. There’s a lower look about the clean flowing lines that make Chevrolet “Bodies by Fisher” even more beautiful among low priced cars.

1950 Chevrolet Brochure
Finer Than Ever For ’50!
Inside… Outside… All The Way Through

1950 Chevrolet Brochure
1950 Chevrolet BrochureLarger Images

The 1950 Chevrolet lineup or body styles listed in this brochure included the 1950 Chevrolet Bel Air coupe, 1950 Chevrolet coupe deluxe, 1950 Chevrolet delivery sedan, 1950 Chevrolet Fastback, 1950 Chevrolet Fleetline Deluxe, 1950 Chevrolet hardtop, 1950 Chevrolet sedan, 1950 Chevrolet Sport Coupe, 1950 Chevrolet Wagon and 1950 Chevrolet Deluxe Coupe. See all the 2 door sedans and 4 door sedans here.

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