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The new Two-Tone upholstery was tailored to complement the elegant interiors of the 1950 Chevy Bel Air and 1950 Belair Convertibles for 1950. However, the interior trim in all other models, both Special and Deluxe, made a not very radical switch from the drab tan and brown shades of 1949 to equally drab shades of light gray and dark gray for the 1950 production year. Upholstery consisted of striped weave flat cloth with rubberized backs. Door panels were a light gray fabric as was the headliner and lower sidewall panels.

1950 Chevrolet Bel Air interiors were luxurious with durable fabrics in two-tone colors. One 1950 Chevrolet car magazine ad described their interiors as… “A fine blend of fashion and serviceability in Chevrolet’s rich two-tone upholstery. The fabrics enhance the handsome interiors, the new fittings and the deep soft cushions. Here, indeed, is every quality of high fashion at lowest cost.”

1950 Chevrolet Bel Air Interior
1950 Chevrolet Bel Air & Convertible Interiors

One interesting feature of the 1950 Belair was a neutral gray headliner with chrome roof bows. 1950 Styleline Deluxe Convertible interior features were the same as the Styleline Deluxe Bel Air.

1950 Chevrolet Bel Air Interiors
1950 Chevrolet Interior Trim – 1950 Chevy Belair & Convertible Interiors

Available on the 1950 Chevy 2 door and 1950 Chevy door Deluxe was an ashtray, cigarette lighter and armrest on the doors, but not on the Specials. Both the 1950 Chevy Deluxe and 1950 Chevy Specials had rear seat carpet. However, there were rubber mats instead of carpet on the front floor even on the Deluxe. Advertising mentioned “Extra Wide Five Foot Seats and Extra Leg and Head Room” on every model for 1950.

1950 Chevrolet Interior Trim
1950 Chevrolet Interior Trim – 1950 Chevrolet Light and Dark Gray Interior

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