1950 Chevrolet Trucks

1950 Chevrolet Truck1950 Chevrolet Trucks
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The Advance-Design era of Chevy trucks ran from 1947 to 1955. The design change was the first and the most dramatic styling change in seven years. The 1947 Chevrolet trucks were modern, cleaner looking, with rounded lines and much larger than the early 1940 models. Series designations included the 1950 Chevrolet 3100 1/2 ton and the 3600 3/4 ton trucks.

Features included headlights mounted in the fender. Rectangular parking lamps, five horizontal bar grille, sturdy single bar bumper. Unisteel cab, two piece windshield, increased legroom and headroom. 56 inch wide bench seat, more coil springs, heater and defroster. Concealed door hinges, vertical vent door, cowl ventilation. Windshield wiper, stronger frame, 116 inch wheelbase and a 216 cubic inch 6 cylinder engine rated at a 105 horse power. Painted finish was used for the grille and bumpers on standard trucks and chrome on the deluxe models.

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1950 Chevrolet Trucks Models

1950 was a very good year for Chevrolet truck production. In 1950 Chevrolet set a record for sales that would last years due to a trend of multi-vehicle families. Production amounted to 494,573 units a 37% market share. Several improvements were made in 1950 including important ones on the 6 cylinder Thriftmaster engine, electrical system, shocks and drive shaft bushings. See 1950 Chevrolet truck specification for wheelbase, truck parts and truck paint colors.

1950 Chevrolet Trucks Restored
1950 Chevrolet Trucks Restored

The body style of the 1950 Chevrolet 3100 truck models were continued to look just like the 49 Chevy trucks. 1950 Chevrolet truck advertising claimed “The Model For 1001 Uses” and “New 1950 Chevrolet Trucks – Do More Work Per Day…More Work Per Dollar On Every Type Of Hauling Or Delivery Job! 1951 Chevrolet pickup parts are easy to find so restore one today.

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1950 Chevrolet Trucks
1950 3100 Chevrolet Truck

1950 Chevrolet Pickup Truck For Sale
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