105 Horse Power Engine

This is an article that appeared in Popular Mechanics July 1950.

More Power and Finer Performance With Traditional Valve-In-Head Economy

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A striking example of how motorists benefit through engineering research and constant improvement is the Chevrolet valve in head engine. Amazingly, the maximum horsepower of the 216.5 cubic inch model was 88 in 1937. The improved 1950 engine, although there has been no increase in displacement, develops 92 horsepower. A gain of 8.2 per cent. 1950 Chevrolet Engine Parts For Sale

The advanced engineering principles that have boosted the efficiency of the Chevrolet standard engine marks the design of Chevrolet’s new 105 Horsepower 235 cubic inch valve in head engine. They were used in all 1950 cars with the Powerglide automatic transmission. This is the only engine in the low price field to have hydraulic valve lifters which bring new quietness of operation of the 105 Horse Power Engine.

Both these valve in head engines, equipped with the new Chevrolet Power Jet carburetor, are notably smooth in their response to the throttle. And valve in head engine design is but one of the many fine car features exclusive to Chevrolet in the low price field.

You are invited to see and drive the 1950 Chevrolet at your Chevrolet Dealer’s. Chevrolet Motor Division General Motors Corporation Detroit 2 Michigan. New Chevrolet 105 HP engine with Powerglide automatic transmission optional on De Luxe models at extra coat.

105 Horse Power Engine - 1950 Chevrolet 105 Horsepower Engine
105 Horse Power Engine – 1950 Chevrolet 105 Horsepower Engine

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105 Horse Power Engine

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